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House Advantages

The following table shows the house edge of the land-based casinos in Atlantic City. Gray shaded entries indicate games partially of skill and perfect play is assumed.

Internet gambling sites offer comparable or lesser house advantages since they do not have the overhead and personnel cost of land based casinos.

Index of House Advantages/Edge:

Game Bet House Advantage
Blackjack* Single Deck 0.20%
Blackjack* Double Deck 0.35%
Blackjack* Four Decks 0.51%
Blackjack* Six Decks 0.60%
Blackjack* Eight Decks 0.63%
Baccarat Banker 1.17%
Baccarat Player 1.36%
Baccarat Tie (pays 8:1) 14.12%
Big Six $1 11.11%
Big Six $2 16.67%
Big Six $5 22.22%
Big Six $10 18.52%
Big Six $20 22.22%
Big Six Joker/Logo 24.07%
Caribbean Stud Poker   5.22%
Craps Pass/Come 1.41%
Craps Don't Pass/Don't Come 1.40%
Craps Pass + 1X Odds 0.85%
Craps Pass + 2X Odds 0.61%
Craps Pass + 5X Odds 0.32%
Craps Pass + 10X Odds 0.18%
Craps Pass + 100X Odds 0.02%
Craps Field (2:1 on 12) 5.56%
Craps Field (3:1 on 12) 2.78%
Craps Any Craps 11.11%
Craps Big 6,8 9.09%
Craps Hard 4,10 11.11%
Craps Hard 6,8 9.09%
Craps Place (to Win) 6,8 1.52%
Craps Place (to Win) 5,9 4.00%
Craps Place (to Win) 4,10 6.67%
Craps Place (to Lose) 6,8 1.82%
Craps Place (to Lose) 5,9 2.50%
Craps Place (to Lose) 4,10 3.03%
Craps Proposition 2,12 13.89%
Craps Proposition 3,11 11.11%
Craps Proposition 7 16.67%
Keno   25% to 29%
Let it Ride   3.51%
Pai-Gow Poker   2.50%
Red Dog   2.69%
Roulette Single Zero Table 2.70%
Roulette Double Zero Table 5.26%
Sic-Bo   2.78% to 47.22%
Slot Machines $0.05 15.20%
Slot Machines $0.25 10.20%
Slot Machines $0.50 9.10%
Slot Machines $1.00 8.10%
Slot Machines $5.00 5.50%
Slot Machines $25.00 5.30%
Slot Machines $100.00 3.90%
Spanish 21   0.82%
Three Card Poker Pair Plus 2.32%
Three Card Poker Ante + Play 1.46%
Video Poker** 5/6/800 5.00%
Video Poker** 6/9/800 0.46%
Video Poker** 6/9/1000 -0.07%
War Go to War on Ties 2.88%
War Surrender on Ties 3.70%
War Bet on Ties 18.65%
* Based on typical rules. Actual rules and returns may vary.

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    High Payouts

    South Beach 100.3%
    Casino Kingdom 98.5%
    Sands 98.1%
    King Neptune 98.0%
    Trident Lounge 97.8%
    Wild Jacks 97.8%





     Top Casinos Guide featuring list of Top Casinos and guide for how to play at these top casinos. Top Casinos Payouts and Top Casinos Bonuses.
    Top Casinos Guide from House Of Odds