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Roulette Tips

You may have your own strategy at the Roulette table. It could be based on playing conservatively. Maybe your strategy is to play birthdays or anniversary dates or lucky numbers. Whatever the strategy, it's all-good. But here are some Roulette tips from the pros, those who are professionals and make a living off of gambling.

Don't be greedy
Never see Roulette as a way of getting rich quick. The reality of Roulette is not like that of legend, like say in Dostoevsky's The Gambler where the central character plays the same number over and over and keeps winning, or in the movie Run Lola Run, where the same things happens. Roulette is a form of entertainment so have fun.

Don't pay for a strategy
Don't ever pay money for a Roulette strategy. None of them are guaranteed to make you a winner or the casino wouldn't be business. Roulette strategies that you have to pay for are useless.

Seek and thee shall find
Go out of your way to look for a European single zero roulette wheel. Many online casinos offer this version of Roulette. In this version there is only one single zero and that gives the player a better advantage of winning then at an American Roulette table that has a zero and a double zero.

Also, some European Roulette tables offer the "In Prison" or "La Partage" rule. This rule will further reduce the house edge and that can only benefit the player.

Also, find a casino that offers the surrender rule. The surrender rule also cuts the house edge, almost as much as single zero roulette wheel, but only on even-money outside bets, which are the wisest to play.

Set a goal
Set a goal before you sit down to play Roulette. If you begin with a $50 and your goal is to win a $100, when and if you get to $100, walk away. If you keep playing, it will be a matter of time before you blow back your winnings.

Be consistent
The smart player will make a series of pre-determined bets rather than wagering all over the table. Simply put, be consistent in your betting systems.

Hopefully, these few Roulette tips from the pros will help make you a better player.

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     Top Casinos Guide featuring list of Top Casinos and guide for how to play at these top casinos. Top Casinos Payouts and Top Casinos Bonuses.
    Top Casinos Guide from House Of Odds