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Casino Review-  InterCasino

InterCasino provides one of the most authentic online gaming experiences to be found. They offer real-time wagering on one of the Internet's largest selection of casino games, along with a multi-featured sportsbook.

    InterCasino is one of the world's first and largest online casinos. 

    InterCasino is licensed by the Government of Curacao. First licensed in July, 1996, InterCasino's first real-money wager was placed in November, 1996. By the end of 1996, InterCasino had hosted thousands of players. Over the next four years they welcomed more than 275,000 players, many of whom have remained with them from the start. InterCasino is currently licensed and operated by CCMH NV from Curacao. 

    InterCasino does not just claim to be one of the biggest Internet casinos. They truly are. 

    Their high levels of security and integrity have earned the trust and loyalty of their clients. Since they have started their operation, more than 280 million games have been played and $3 billion paid out to player accounts. Numerous players have taken home jackpots ranging from $1,200 to $230,000 in a single game; their combined payout to clients exceeds 97.5% (which is greater than land-based casino payouts). 

Integrity and Financial Strength
InterCasino provides one of the most authentic online gaming experiences. You may choose to play for fun offline, or wager your money online. InterCasino offers real-time wagering on one of the Internet's largest selection of casino games, along with a multi-featured sportsbook. Online guests may rely on the extensive security measures found within InterCasino's software and gaming servers (in concert with the proprietary security algorithms of ECash Direct system). 

Their secure payment and payout procedures deliver your winnings quickly and efficiently, while players can be assured of their fairness, honesty and corporate stability. 

InterCasino is fully accountable for its gaming and business processes and they thank their clients for their respect and patronage. They do their best to deliver new applications, with reliable ECash Direct products and friendly 24/7 customer support. 

InterCasino follows specified codes of conduct in all of their business dealings, to ensure an authentic casino experience, offering: 

- One of the largest selection of games on the Internet 
- Multiplayer games 
- Fully-featured sportsbook 
- Real-time chat 
- Enticing 3D graphics and digital sound 
- Free and easy upgrades 
- Multi-platform support 
- Rest-easy game security 
- Guaranteed account security 
- The Players' Club (and other rewards programs) 
- 24-hour/7-day-a-week free technical support/customer service 

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Telephone Support

Country Phone Number Hours
Australia 0011-800-7777-4357 24/7 support
Austria 00-800-7777-4357 24/7 support
Belgium 00-800-7777-4357 24/7 support
Canada 011-800-7777-4357 24/7 support
Cyprus 00-800-7777-4357 24/7 support
Denmark 00-800-7777-4357 24/7 support
Finland 00-800-7777-4357 24/7 support
France 00-800-7777-4357 24/7 support
Hong Kong 001-800-7777-4357 24/7 support
Hungary 00-800-7777-4357 24/7 support
Iceland 00-800-7777-4357 24/7 support
    Golden Lines 012-800-7777-4357 24/7 support
    Barak 013-800-7777-4357 24/7 support
    Bezeq 014-800-7777-4357 24/7 support
    KDD 001-800-7777-4357 24/7 support
    Japan Telecom 0041-800-7777-4357 24/7 support
    IDC 0061-800-7777-4357 24/7 support
    NTT 0033-800-7777-4357 24/7 support
South Korea  
    Korea Telecom 001-800-7777-4357 24/7 support
    DACOM 002-800-7777-4357 24/7 support
    ONSE 008-800-7777-4357 24/7 support
Luxembourg 00-800-7777-4357 24/7 support
Macau 00-800-7777-4357 24/7 support
Malaysia 00-800-7777-4357 24/7 support
Netherlands 00-800-7777-4357 24/7 support
New Zealand 00-800-7777-4357 24/7 support
Norway 00-800-7777-4357 24/7 support
Portugal 00-800-7777-4357 24/7 support
Singapore 001-800-7777-4357 24/7 support
South Africa 09-800-7777-4357 24/7 support
Spain 00-800-7777-4357 24/7 support
Sweden 00-800-7777-4357 24/7 support
Switzerland 00-800-7777-4357 24/7 support
Taiwan 00-800-7777-4357 24/7 support
USA 011-800-7777-4357 24/7 support
UK 00-800-7777-4357 24/7 support

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     Top Casinos Guide featuring list of Top Casinos and guide for how to play at these top casinos. Top Casinos Payouts and Top Casinos Bonuses.
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