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Casino Review-  Lucky Nugget Casino-UK Version

Lucky Nugget is known as the most thrilling casino on the Internet where fortunes are made overnight. Digger Dan and Sammy J. are your hosts at the online casino for players with a real spirit of adventure and a taste for instant fortune.

     In 1849 two down and out gold diggers - Sammy J. and Digger Dan - thought they'd lost everything. The very next day they found the mother lode and struck the big time - thus the Lucky Nugget gold mine came into being. Today their spirit of adventure lives on in the Lucky Nugget Online Casino, where fortunes are made overnight and the adrenaline rush is unequalled.

    One of the foremost casinos on the Internet, the Lucky Nugget's range of exciting online games offer Vegas odds or better! For everyone with a sense of adventure and a taste for riches, this is definitely the online casino to visit. Other recent winners were Brian E., who won $52,625.19 and Cheryl F., who won $40,016.48!

Lucky Nugget Casino makes sure that gold prospecting in its gaming rooms is kept fair and square. Its software uses the Internet to access an independent Random Number Generator each time you play a game to produce card deals, slot bars, rolls of the dice and other chance elements. In this way there is no programming advantage that could possibly favor the house or any player who might try to gain an unfair advantage by counting cards or cracking the system.

    All commercial transactions at the
Lucky Nugget Casino are done through their partners, Proc-Cyber Services. In case you haven't heard of them, Proc-Cyber Services is one of the best known and most established e-cash merchants on the Internet. Which means you can rest assured that all your online financial transactions are safe and secure. Your winnings, no matter how large, are paid directly within 72 hours through the e-cash services of Proc-Cyber Services.

    The Lucky Nugget's excellent support team will be there to answer your questions on toll-free lines and by e-mail 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Features and Promotions:

  • On opening a real account players receive a Free £25 Bonus with a £25 purchase.. Lucky Nugget's exciting range of online games, offer Vegas odds or better!
  • Lucky Nugget features 68 casino games and all 11 of Microgaming's progressive slot machines.
  • Players can enjoy Video Poker, slots and Blackjack by downloading the Lucky Nugget's free software!
  • Lucky Nugget runs exciting promotions and special offers in which players stand the chance to win fantastic prizes.
  • Credit card purchases are driven by a cash back percentage to players during a promotional period.
  • We have a cash back program where players earn cash back as they play.
  • VIP players receive special credit card limits for their loyal patronage.
  • Every time you play at Lucky Nugget fair play is guaranteed by the Random Number Generator. This ensures no programming advantage over players.
  • Your winnings, even large amounts, are paid directly to you within 72 hours through e-cash services.
  • Payout percentages are reviewed monthly by one of the world's top 5 accounting firms.
  • Players receive a fortnightly casino newsletter detailing upcoming events and the latest promotions and payouts.
  • Lucky Nugget offers an excellent support team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Click Here to See a Copy of this Casino's Payout Review 

Telephone Support

Country Phone Number Hours
USA 1-888-677-8180  24 hour support
Canada 1-888-900-3129 24 hour support
United Kingdom 0-800-328-0843 24 hour support

Visit Lucky Nugget Casino



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